Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Bedtime, I mean Routine

8:20...time for the bedtime battle.  I go to call the kids in from playing in the backyard, meaning to say, "Come get on your jamas," but instead I yell out, "Yipers, clean up the yard."  Around the swingset I see a cut up cardboard box, a mount of various leaves pulled from trees and flowers, church shoes, bathroom rugs, spoons, bowls, baby dolls, purses, a squirt bottle, brush, comb, etc, etc., etc.  At least today there are no dirty diapers.  2-yr-old Sophia has entered the I-know-how-to-take-off-my-diaper phase...she's especially fond of performing her new trick when the diaper is fully loaded.

8:30...After assisting them in a quick run around clean up I go into the bathroom and find my hairspray bottle--empty.  It was full this morning.  Turns out Elisa couldn't find a water bottle so she emptied this one.  She emptied the Windex bottle for the same reason earlier today.  I probably shouldn't have gotten mad at her for that one...innocent mistake.

8:45...a few of the children have gotten in their jamas!!  The others have decided it's time for a snack.  Mom is busy on the computer so maybe she won't notice that we are all getting out graham crackers and milk.  I'm thinking, "Should I push them in the get-ready-for-bed bit or should I join them...someone's crying, be right back...

8:48...back from a quick rescue.  A picture frame bounced off Rebakah's head in it's attack of her milk cup.  Nothing a kiss and a towel couldn't fix.

I like writing about these things.  It helps me realize the humor behind them.  Otherwise, I just get overwhelmed by the constant demands and just want to join in the screaming........sometimes I do.

9:00...Anna just reported that Sarah and Sophia (4 & 2) are eating ice cream in the living room...guess I better go.

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