Desitin and Dandelions? What?


So, most moms have said something like, "Don't put that jam in your sisters hair!" or "Ice Cream does not go behind the couch."  We often ask questions such as, "Who's finger has been digging in my lipstick?" and "Why did you give your little sister a permanent marker?"  But we don't necessarily say these things when our neighbors are in the living room.  We try to paint the picture that we have it all together.  If we know someone is stopping by in a few minutes we furiously run around the house chucking toys in closets and throwing shoes behind closed doors. Of course, it is good to try to keep a tidy house and improve how we do things every day, but we have got to be realistic.  When we go into others' homes or talk with other women we see all their good qualities and our own faults.  I have had many people comment on the "fact" that I've got it all together.  Those who know me well, who stop by without advance notice, and have been here for my break downs, would laugh at such an observation.

I guess I want to give a realistic "fly on the wall" view of reality in our home.  Maybe you can empathize...

Wait, what is that the baby has on her hands?  Ahhhhh, Don't Eat the Desitin!!

Welcome to my world...


I mess up so much and struggle every day to keep up with the demands of a busy family, but I am pleased to say I have learned a few things...a few among thousands I still need to learn.  But it is important to recognize when we do something well or get something right.  Then we should pass along what we learn so others may not have to flounder as much as we did in those areas.

The other day when our sweet 3-yr-old and her cute 3-yr-old buddy plucked up a couple dandelions and started to blow them into the wind, my gut reaction was, "Ahhhhh, I have been trying to kill those things and you are reseeding the lawn!"  BUT, I didn't say it (a victory in and of itself).  My second thought was of how much fun it was when I was a kid to blow those things and watch them float through the air.  So, I let them blow them over the sidewalk, instead of onto my grass :).  I still let them be children without stressing myself with just one more weed to kill.

I've learned a few other things that I would love to share with anyone else who is trying to raise a family.  I haven't come up with any of this on my own.  Most I've gotten from good books or websites.  Some I've gotten through lots and lots of prayer and an ounce of inspiration.  If, by reading these posts, you think any less of yourself.  Please stop reading!!  We all have something we could teach each other.  I just happen to be the one writing this blog. 

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