Friday, August 3, 2012

Volume 15

One of my most precious possessions is one of my journals, Volume 15.  That is the book that contains detailed accounts of meeting and marrying my husband.  Yes, it was romantic, but it was also inspirational.  It's a place I turn when I need to be reminded how to recognize God's hand in my life.  When I read those pages I feel again the sweet whisperings of His Spirit guiding us to each other.  I remember how it feels to sense His direction in my life.

Around January or February of most years I pull out Volume 15 and let myself trip down memory lane to the little road in Provo, Utah where we first met.  Then I remember that God is still just as interested in me and my life today as He was then.  He cares about the very details of my days and my actions.  He is still watching over me today.  I need Him.  I need His strength.  

If I hadn't already had the habit of keeping a journal I'm sure I wouldn't have picked that busy season of my life to start.  I would have missed all those details and with my bad memory the sweetness of those experiences would be lost.  

Note to self...get back into the habit.  It is much harder to keep up with 7 little people demanding 25 hours worth of your time every day, but I have to do it.  It is what keeps me sane a lot of times.  It's where I spill my heart out and really get to think through issues and calm my mind enough to hear God's Spirit.  

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  1. I for one am glad you started blogging again. :) I loved this post because I have had the same thoughts in my mind all week. Journals are such a wonderful reminder of Gods love for us. I really wanted to blog my thought on this subject but couldn't quite put into words. Thanks again for this beautiful post.