Bubble Bursting Blogs

You see an old friend on Facebook and click on the link to her blog to see what she's been up to.  There you find creative professional photos of her 8 perfectly dressed and groomed children.  They are all smiling, clean, and gorgeous sitting in a peaceful field.  The next post is about her latest triathlon, followed by recipes for the gourmet meal she cooked up last night.  You go from thinking, "Oh, wow, she is doing so great," to "Hmm, our last family photo was that snap shot at church after our 3-yr-old was born," and "I wonder if our mac and cheese would be considered gourmet if I added hot dogs?"  You then notice a link to another old friend and find there blogs about crafting, scrapping, cooking, sewing, child rearing, serving, staying fit and attractive...you name it, it's there and as you read you become convinced that you can take on all of them.  You'll do better and catch up to everything everyone else is accomplishing.  Thinking you've only been at the desk a minute or two, you turn off the computer and turn around to find 3 hours have passed, you have a messy kitchen, tired children with matted hair, piles of mail on the counter, and as you go to stand up you trip over someone's backpack.  And what do you think now?  "No way!  I can't even keep up with life as it is!"  Do you feel uplifted and ready to take on life now that you've read all about others' accomplishments?  No, you just feel guilty that you don't or can't do all those things too.

Well, I have never been interested in blogging. The computer and I have a love-hate relationship, leaning more toward the latter.  I sit down, get sucked into cyberspace, and can't get out.  In the mean time my house goes to pot, dinner goes uncooked, and the kids run amuck through the neighborhood.  So, why in the world would I write a blog?!  I guess just to let others be a fly on my wall.  Step in and see what life is really like...as if you didn't already know :).

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